Tom Grozev

iOS, Mac and Web designer from Adelaide, Australia. Does video editing on the side. Other interests include Gaming, Tennis, Hockey, Family and Friends.

My Works

Web design

Purley spectacular websites without comprimising functionality. Smooth responsive designs that work on every screensize.



Originality is key to any sucessful piece of code, its an integral part in development. I strive for originality.



On average 5 mobile apps are used on a daily bases, why not make one of those yours? Smooth, Stunning iOS apps where functionality is not a problem.



Detailed and easy to follow documentation on use and mantaining is included in all my projects.



Mac apps that seemless intergrate with its iOS and boost productivity and georgous designs with a silkey smooth touch.


Open Source

You can find many projects and APIs on my github page.

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How I work

Video Coming Soon...

In a web/mobile startup, coding is not an outsourced activity. It's an integral part of the company's DNA. Steve Blank

About Me

Sometimes creations take two. Common people I work with

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Tom Grozev

Developer/Video Editor

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Robbie Symonds


Get in touch

I personally read every message sent to me so feel free to ask me a question.